The New South Wales Division of the Institute of Public Administration, Australia (IPAA NSW) is the not-for-profit professional association for people who work in or with the public sector.

IPAA NSW has more than 2,500 members and delivers services directly to a community of more than 12,000 customers across the NSW public sector.

IPAA NSW has a diverse membership comprising of public administrators from all tiers of government, as well as business executives, consultants and academics. The Association not only serves its members but also promotes high quality public administration and capability development across the public sector.

Affiliated with other divisions around Australia and similar organisations throughout the world, IPAA NSW has strong partnerships with universities, training organisations, major consulting companies and private sector organisations with specific public sector focused expertise and information.

The Association has an established reputation of as a curator of knowledge and is recognised as an important source of intellectual capital and information for the community it serves.

IPAA NSW is a major provider of professional development services to the public sector and delivers learning and development programs that respond to the rapidly changing business environment and capability needs of the public sector.

We are run by an elected Council and offer a wide range of opportunities for members to be involved in governance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build the capabilities of our members and support the development of a world class public sector. We work hard to advance the profession of public administration.

Our Goal

Our aim is to be a highly-valued association that our members, partners, stakeholders and broader public sector community choose to work with to achieve their professional and business outcomes.

Our Attributes

IPAA NSW operates with integrity and impartiality in its commitment to a professional public sector.

IPAA NSW is recognised for its knowledge and expertise, contacts, organisational flexibility and digital service delivery capability. The Association is well known for its capacity and ability to support public sector capability development by bringing together all levels of government, private sector and other organisations with a commitment to strong public administration.

Our Role

IPAA NSW understands the common and unique aspects of working in the public sector and provides a wide range of services to assist our community in building their personal and professional capabilities. All IPAA NSW activities are focused on the following areas.

Building consistent capability across the sector

As a trusted partner of the NSW public sector for 82 years, we occupy a unique position in the public sector landscape. IPAA NSW works to address public sector capability gaps and drive a consistent fundamental sets of skills and capabilities and increase performance sector-wide. All our contemporary blended learning services are aligned to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework and are recognised as providing relevant, flexible, value-for-money solutions that address the public sector’s training challenges.

Connecting people and sharing ideas and knowledge

We provide networking opportunities to meet public sector leaders and colleagues from across Government, the private sector and academia. We support our members and customers to build and extend their professional network and facilitate their mobility across the sector. We provide an impartial environment for dynamic debate through our public forums, professional development programs, publications and website.

Providing public sector thought leadership

Our program of activities and publications provide exposure to cutting-edge ideas and best practices. Our online Ignite news service provides weekly public sector focused thought leadership content that explores and challenge ideas about public administration. Our quarterly publication the Australian Journal of Public Administration provides research, reflection and commentary focused on public administration, public management and policy making.

Advancing the profession of the public sector

We are committed to promoting the public sector as a fulfilling and challenging career option. Our activities are designed to support the development of public policy and management practices that enhance the performance of the public sector and showcase innovation.

Our services


Membership is open to any individual passionate about his/her career and about the professionalism and reputation of the public sector in NSW. Membership of the Institute is perfect for those interested in getting involved, adding value and working on building meaningful networks and friendships.


IPAA NSW is committed to developing the knowledge and skills of public sector professionals. We offer Public Training Programs in the Sydney CBD. We also offer Customised Agency Programs wherever you are situated.


We offer a range of high-quality events – from influential international speakers to intimate executive leadership events – all bringing you the latest thinking and innovation in public administration. We also host a state-based conference on topical, hot issues affecting the public sector.


Our online knowledge centre, Ignite, provides access to the latest research and thinking in the field of public administration, as well as the opportunity to view our event presentations from anywhere in the world. Ignite also provides online access to content from a range of publications including AJPA and The Mandarin.


IPAA NSW encourages excellence in the practice and study of public administration, government and related disciplines. We offer academic awards and awards for practitioners who display excellence in these areas.

IPAA is the professional association for the public sector