IPAA NSW is the professional association for the 400,000 public servants who work in NSW. Membership of IPAA NSW is critical as it allows those who work in the public sector to build their connections, capabilities and confidence for the purpose of serving the citizens of NSW.
A division of IPAA National, the professional body focused on the promotion of excellence and professionalism in public administration, IPAA NSW is a non-profit and non-partisan organisation. We work in partnership with the public sector, the private sector, academia and other institutions. IPAA has divisions in all states and territories of Australia, providing a platform for debate and discussion about improving and striving for excellence in public administration.

Run by an elected Council, we offer a wide range of opportunities for our members to be involved in the governance of our association.

Our Mission
As the professional association for the public sector, our mission is to build the capabilities and connections of our members and support the advancement of the NSW public sector.

Our Priorities
We understand the common and unique aspects of working in the public sector, so focus on the following:

Advancing the profession of public administration
We strengthen the reputation of public administration as a confident and capable profession.

Reimagining what IPAA NSW membership provides to the public sector 
Our membership benefits meet the contemporary needs of those working in and with the NSW public sector.

Embedding the customer at the centre of our services 
We create a customer centric approach to the design and delivery of our services.

Transitioning IPAA NSW to a continuously learning and sustainable organisation
Doing this will enhance our productivity and profitability.

Building a confident, capable and connected public sector...