What is Deliverology®?

Deliverology®, a term coined and defined by Sir Michael Barber, is the approach to managing and monitoring the implementation of activities that have significant long-lasting impact on citizen outcomes. In simple terms, Deliverology® is the art and science of successfully executing the campaign promises and important goals of an administration.

Sir Michael Barber is the world’s leading authority on Deliverology®, having created the first Government Delivery Unit in the UK for the Tony Blair administration.  He is the Chairman and founder of Delivery Associates, the leading public sector advisory group focused exclusively on implementation of large-scale reform, establishment of delivery management models and capacity building in Deliverology®.  

Delivery Associates has around 50 experts working on the ground in almost 30 different countries across the world. The team are from over 10 different nationalities, speaking over 20 different languages, and with a collective experience of 450 years in public service reform, over 250 of those in delivery. 

Deliverology® = good government = lasting meaningful results for citizens

Delivery Associates has a website where you can find out more about Deliverology®

For all resources related to Masterclasses and Webinars on NSW Deliverology®, login to

Deliverology® in Australia

Deliverology® in Australia comprises a programme designed in collaboration between Delivery Associates and the NSW Premier’s Implementation Unit. The Deliverology® Programme supports leaders from around government to learn and apply delivery tools and concepts.

To understand the importance of implementing Deliverology® to the NSW Public Sector, it is worthwhile looking at the presentation delivered by the Premier's Implementation Unit. To access the presentation click on the link:
Deliverology® in NSW - A presentation by Anna Needs, A/Head of Premier’s Implementation Unit on 10 April 2019.

Other resources

Delivery Associates publications page includes several papers and links to Sir Michael Barber's published papers and books.

Another useful resource is the Centre for Public Impact. Deliverology® – the science of delivery.

Deliverology® is a proven methodology.

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework comprises a core capability group dedicated to Deliver Results. Public servants are expected to be capable of delivering results. The Deliverology Programme is not only dedicated to the subject of delivering results, it also equips participants with life-long skills in delivering results.  

In NSW, the benefits of the Deliverology®  Programme have proved to be:

  • Provide Deliverology® training and support to a wider group of government employees than the PIU would otherwise reach (more than 50 people reached by the first 4 Masterclasses)
  • Participants in the programme are applying Deliverology® to a variety of truly transformative projects and have the potential to make a real difference to the citizens of New South Wales

The Deliverology® Programme uses real examples and live-projects. Projects in NSW have delivered tangible results and have included:

  • Improving child outcomes in the first 2000 days
  • Increasing the number of people with disabilities employed in the public sector
  • Improving educational outcomes for Aboriginal students in regional and remote schools.

Why should I participate – what’s in it for me?

Feedback indicates the Deliverology® Programme is using valuable practical tools that will impact the day-to-day work of the participants. Not only do the individual participants benefit but the organisation and its citizens also benefit:

  • 100% of programme participants agreed they learned something new through the training
  • 100% of participants agreed they had a deeper understanding of Deliverology® as a result of the training
  • 100% of participants agreed they would use the tools to support their work

Glenn King, Former Secretary of the Customer Service Cluster described Deliverology® in the following way:

What Is different about Deliverology is it goes straight to putting the citizen at the heart of service deIivery. Working across government to make a real difference in citizens' lives. Whether you are a patient In an emergency department waiting to get treated, a child in school, a mum or dad flying to make ends meet or the community in general, we wanted to make a real change that lasts. In 2015 the Premier announced 12 Premier's Priorities and created a delivery unit called the Premier's Implementation Unit to support agencies to apply Deliverology in NSW in order to meet those Priorities. Now, I am not a medical practitioner, I am not a teacher, and I am certainly not a case worker. They know better than I do. My role and the role of the deIivery unit is to help and support. There are four key steps to Deliverology - having routines, really using data well, focusing on a small number of key Interventions and spending a lot of time with front line staff to see how things are progressing and learning from what they are doing to make a positive change. Unless you have of all those four things you are not a delivery unit. Then when you achieve better outcomes for citizens, you reflect, you celebrate, and then you need to get better again.

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