Why I should enrol in the Great Managers® Program

I would like to develop the critical skills that will enable me to deliver outstanding results for our agency.

Every manager leading a team of people needs to be trained in people management – these skills do not come naturally. This course is uniquely designed for adult learning and application, focussing on 7 core strategies, delivered via weekly lessons, supported by interactive video lessons and live coaching sessions with a people management expert.

After completion I will have the tools to become a resourceful and inspiring leader with increased confidence and competence in having critical conversations, managing difficult situations and developing, motivating and engaging our staff to increase productivity and performance.

I will learn how to:

  • understand my our own leadership style and how it impacts others
  • better understand the personalities of others and how to manage difference
  • develop and implement skills and strategies that will reduce stress and increase resilience
  • manage critical conversations to achieve the desired outcome and keep relationships intact.

I will be able to:

  • set clear expectations and achieve increased performance and results
  • engage and motivate staff, and develop capability and potential in others
  • use systems to run effective meetings, implement HR processes and activate organisational values
  • identify, recruit and retain talented staff with the right cultural fit.

Our agency will benefit because we will have:

  • greater leadership capability and higher levels of achievement
  • a reduction in lost time and distress caused by workplace conflict and grievances
  • increased employee engagement, morale and commitment.

I will be up-skilled, resulting in:

  • greater confidence, self-control, resilience and resourcefulness
  • the ability to manage stressful situations/conversations and maintain composure
  • being able to bring out the best in each individual team member.

This program closely aligns to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. Capabilities linked include:

  • Act with Integrity
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Deliver Results
  • Demonstrate Accountability
  • Display Resilience and Courage
  • Influence and Negotiate
  • Inspire Direction and Purpose
  • Manage and Develop People
  • Manage Self
  • Optimise Business Outcomes
  • Plan and Prioritise
  • Think and Solve Problems
  • Value Diversity
  • Work Collaboratively

This course addresses the capability development needs identified in my performance development plan. With your approval I can take the next step to ensure our agency has productive, high performing employees.