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Project management fundamentals

Project management fundamentals

16 March 2022 (facilitated online)
In-house Enquiry

This course is also available for in-house delivery. For more information please contact the Learning team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected] for a quote.

Course Overview

This course uses the project lifecycle as a framework and is focused on providing learners with practical project management tools and techniques. Content covered includes identifying project goals, scoping, planning, risk management, communication and closing activities. This course is suitable for anyone who is a project team member, manages small projects or who is new to project management and is looking for a solid foundation and methodology for further skills development.

Learning Outcomes

  • Contribute to the development of project schedules and plans and contribute to the identification of project deliverables
  • Contribute as a member of a project team and be clear about their own roles and responsibilities within the project
  • Take responsibility for their own part of the project and work towards achieving agreed deadlines within a set budget and timeframe
  • Seek support from colleagues in advance where necessary
  • Bring problems and potential problems to the attention of the project leader and participate in the evaluation of outcomes.

NSW Public Sector Framework Capabilities

This course is targeted at Intermediate to Adept level. The following behaviours from the framework are covered:

Business Enablers: Project Management

  • Plan and deliver tasks with agreed schedules.
  • Check progress against schedules and seek help to overcome barriers.
  • Participate in planning and provide feedback about improvements to schedule/s.
  • Perform basic research and analysis which others will use to inform project directions.
  • Understand project goals, steps to be undertaken and expected outcomes.
  • Prepare accurate documentation to support cost or resource estimates.
  • Participate and contribute to reviews of progress, outcomes and future improvements.
  • Identify and escalate any possible variance from project plans.

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