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Risk management

In-house Enquiry

This course is also available for in-house delivery. For more information please contact the Learning team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected] for a quote.

Course Overview

This course provides answers to the key questions facing managers, technical staff and business stakeholders responsible for risk management. It offers an introduction to risk management and an explanation of standards associated with risk management, and establishes how to use operational risk management as part of good government/corporate governance. Participants will learn how to calculate operational risk capital, identify and measure operational risks and develop strategies for mitigating risk. An overview of regulatory requirements in risk management will also be covered. A key feature of this course is the use of public sector case studies to cement the theoretical learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define risk management
  • Understand the key elements of risk management
  • Recognise how to analyse and treat risk
  • Learn how to apply the ISO 31000 International Risk Management Standard
  • Identify why it is important to manage risks
  • Understand the need for an integrated approach to strategic risk identification
  • Develop a risk assessment process
  • Determine risk treatment methods
  • Develop, implement and monitor risk management plans.

NSW Public Sector Framework Capabilities

This course is targeted at Intermediate to Adept level. The following behaviours from the framework are covered:

Results: Demonstrate accountability

  • Take responsibility and be accountable for own actions.
  • Understand delegations and act within authority levels.
  • Assess work outcomes and identify and share learning to inform future actions.
  • Ensure that actions of self and others are focused on achieving organisational outcomes.
  • Understand and apply high standards of financial probity with public monies and other resources.
  • Identify and implement safe work practices, taking a systematic risk management approach to ensure health and safety of self and others.
  • Conduct and report on quality control audits.
  • Identify risks to successful achievement of goals, and take appropriate steps to mitigate those risks.

Enquiries: For more information on our learning programs, please contact the IPAA NSW Learning Team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected].