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Springboard into People Management

In-house Enquiry

This course is also available for in-house delivery. For more information please contact the Learning team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected] for a quote.

Course Overview

This course is a leadership and people management program suitable for aspiring managers, or people who act up in a supervisory role from time to time. It utilises a blended learning methodology with a combination of online lessons and face-to-face leadership forums, and it is run over a 6-month period. It is ideal for supervisors and team leaders, or new or aspiring managers who really want to develop their skills in leading a team and strengthen their own emotional intelligence. The program is very practical and designed to build personal and team leadership capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate professionalism to support a culture of integrity within the team/unit
  • Show awareness of own strengths and areas for growth and develop and apply new skills
  • Recognise and adapt to individual differences and working styles
  • Keep control of own emotions and stay calm under pressure and in challenging situations
  • Demonstrate a high level of personal motivation
  • Actively listen to others and clarify own understanding
  • Be willing to seek out input from others and share own ideas to achieve best outcomes
  • Ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated
  • Provide regular constructive feedback to build on strengths and achieve results
  • Take the initiative to progress and deliver own and team/unit work
  • Initiate and develop team goals and plans and use feedback to inform future planning
  • Recognise and acknowledge high individual/team performance.

NSW Public Sector Framework Capabilities

This course is targeted at Foundational to Intermediate level. The following behaviours from the framework are covered:

People Management: Manage and develop people, Inspire direction and purpose, Optimise business outcomes

  • Contribute to developing team capability and recognise potential in people.
  • Give support and regular constructive feedback that is linked to development needs.
  • Recognise performance issues that need to be addressed and work towards resolution of issues.
  • Ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated.
  • Assist team to understand organisational direction and explain the reasons behind decisions.
  • Keep team members informed of the reasons for decisions so that this may inform their work.
  • Ensure the team/unit objectives lead to the achievement of business outcomes that align with organisational policies.

Personal Attributes: Act with integrity, Manage self, Value diversity, Display resilience and courage

  • Show awareness of own strengths and areas for growth and develop and apply new skills.
  • Acknowledge and be responsive to diverse experiences, perspectives, values and beliefs.
  • Support a culture of integrity and professionalism.
  • Stay calm and focused in the face of challenging situations.

Relationships: Communicate effectively, Influence and negotiate, Work collaboratively

  • Communicate routine technical information clearly.
  • Build a supportive and co-operative team environment.
  • Respond constructively to conflict and disagreements.

Results: Deliver results, Plan and prioritise, Demonstrate accountability

  • Contribute to allocation of responsibilities and resources to ensure achievement of team/unit goals.
  • Understand the team/unit objectives and align operational activities accordingly.
  • Take responsibility and be accountable for own actions.
  • Understand delegations and act within authority levels.

Enquiries: For more information on our learning programs, please contact the IPAA NSW Learning Team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected].