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Writing ministerial correspondence

Writing ministerial correspondence

TBC for 2022 (Facilitated Online)

In-house Enquiry

This course is also available for in-house delivery. For more information please contact the Learning team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected] for a quote.

Course Overview

This course gives a strong framework to assist learners to prepare Ministerial correspondence. The focus is a reply letter to the government. Frequently, these replies involve responding to a complaint or to a request where the Minister is declining the request. Participants will learn to plan and write a reply in a modern and customer-focused manner. Writing Ministerial briefs is also covered.

Learning Outcomes

  • Write the reply quickly and accurately
  • Know what to put in and what to leave out of the reply
  • Write a brief to go with the letter when necessary
  • Keep the reply and the brief to about a page each
  • Write the reply in plain English and with appropriate empathy.

NSW Public Sector Framework Capabilities

This course is targeted at Adept to Advanced level. The following behaviours from the framework are covered:

Relationships: Communicate effectively

  • Tailor communication to the audience.
  • Clearly explain complex concepts and arguments to individuals and groups.
  • Translate technical and complex information concisely for diverse audiences.
  • Adjust style and approach to optimise outcomes.
  • Write fluently and persuasively in a range of styles and formats.

Enquiries: For more information on our learning programs, please contact the IPAA NSW Learning Team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected].