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In 2014, the Women’s Leadership Network surveyed IPAA members regarding the impacts and opportunities of the GSE Act on women. The top four findings were:

1. Develop skills to write high quality job applications, perform well in interview and become better negotiators
2. Have access to mentors and professional coaches
3. Opportunities for regular networking at senior and executive levels, and
4. Access to information briefings on the new GSE Act and recruitment process.

The Committee developed a range of responses to address these finding and have identified the following two work priorities for 2016:

1. Co-ordinate senior level women networking events; and
2. Facilitate a professional coaching hub.

In addition to these priorities, the Committee will continue to work with key players in the NSW public sector landscape to support and develop mechanisms to increase the representative of women in senior public sector leadership roles.

More information on the key findings and recommendations is available in the Supporting Women as Leaders in the Public Sector Report. The Committee’s program of work provides more information on the three priority areas.