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Co-opted Councillor

Shaun was appointed to the position of Deputy Secretary, Corporate Service Partners, Department of Industry in October 2017. Prior to joining the Department of Industry, Shaun held roles as Director, Executive Director and Managing Director for the Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI). At DFSI, Shaun was responsible for setting up the Strategic Programs and Performance Management Office, reporting to the Secretary.

Prior to joining NSW State Government, Shaun held large commercial roles within property, engineering & construction. He established the NSW Telco Authority and has previous experience acting as Deputy Secretary for DFSI across the Government Services division. Shaun was instrumental in establishing the customer service council for NSW Government and at DFSI as the Executive Sponsor for Premier’s Priority 12 - Improving customer satisfaction with Government Services. He is also the Chair of the NSW Government Community of Change professionals and bringing strong leadership, operations and customer focus skills to his current role as Deputy Secretary.