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Co-opted Councillor

Tim is the Chief Information and Digital Officer at Macquarie University, a role he has held since June 2019. Macquarie University began as a bold experiment in higher education, built to break from traditions and to be distinctive, progressive and transformational.

Prior to his role at Macquarie University, Tim worked as Chief Information Officer at the NSW Department of Family and Community Services which he left in July 2017 to start his own consulting business. Tim had worked in the NSW public sector since 2011, joining from the private sector where he held senior executive roles in both Australia and overseas. Tim was also the inaugural chair of the NSW Public Sector Community of ICT Professionals, a community of practice that holds member networking, collaboration and information sharing events to help promote the ICT community in NSW government.

Tim advocates that relationships and networking are key success factors for any public servant, and that there is strength in synergy and unity as the public service fulfils its duties to the citizens and businesses of NSW. He believes that a transparent, agile and empowered public sector is required to deliver better services to the state, which cannot be achieved in isolation or departmental silos.

A fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a senior member of the Australian Computer Society, Tim has a Masters in Business in Technology from the University of NSW as well as a Graduate Diploma in Management from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Helping IPAA NSW engage and inform its large member base is a key focus for Tim. He aims to build on the great work being done to keep the digital and innovation agenda at the forefront of members minds, as a way of solving the challenges that the sector and communities of NSW face today.