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Deliverology® is the approach to managing and monitoring the implementation of activities that have significant long-lasting impact on citizen outcomes. In simple terms, Deliverology® is the art and science of successfully executing the campaign promises and important goals of an administration.

Deliverology® = good government = lasting meaningful results for citizens

Deliverology® in Australia comprises a pathway designed in collaboration between Delivery Associates and the NSW Premier’s Implementation Unit. The Deliverology® pathway supports public servants  from around government to learn and apply delivery tools and concepts.

Applying Deliverology® is a skill – it is an art and a science. It’s practical, meaningful and highly-valued in the NSW public sector.

Why you should participate

One of the Core Groups in the NSW public Sector Capability Framework is Results. Delivering results is especially pertinent given the sector’s focus on the NSW Premier’s Priorities. The Deliverology® methodology is a preferred means of delivering results in the NSW public sector.  If you know how to apply Deliverology® effectively, your value will be recognised.

Finding time

To ensure accessibility and affordability, IPAA NSW has worked in collaboration with Delivery Associates and the Premier’s Implementation Unit to create the Deliverology® e-package, which allows you learn at your own pace online. 


You can choose to follow the pathway from the e-package (knowledge) to developing your skills at masterclasses and, as you develop your practice in the sector, participate in the online forum and seek accreditation as a black, green or yellow belt practitioner.

What people are saying about Deliverology
What Is different about Deliverology is it goes straight to putting the citizen at the heart of service deIivery. - Glenn King, Former Secretary of the Customer Service Cluster.
The Deliverology e-modules are great and are really benificial - Samantha Gooch, Director Performance and Continuous Improvement, DCJ – Black Belt Practitioner

Investing in your capability
The Deliverology® e-package is totally affordable in terms of time and money. The e-package comprises 5 e-modules that you can access anytime, anywhere. You will receive a certifcate once you have completedall 5 modules. Because Deliverology is about practice – delivering results – there is no assessment. Your return on investment is that you will have a valuable capability that is recognised by the NSW public sector.

The Deliverology® e-package is a gift at just $350 (incl GST) for affiliate members of IPAA NSW. At only $70 per module this is an investment you cannot afford to miss. Once you’ve purchased the package you have unlimited individual access to it for 12 months. Register here.