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About the Council

IPAA NSW is currently governed by an elected Council of members and the Chief Executive Officer (ex officio).

The Council is made up of:

  • Four (4) elected office bearers – the President, and three Vice-Presidents;
  • Elected ordinary members, the number determined from time to time by Council;
  • Young professional members (aged 34 years and under), the number determined from time to time by Council;
  • One (1) ex officio member, the Chief Executive Officer; and
  • One (1) or more co-opted members, the number determined from time to time by Council.

Joining the Council 

Joining the IPAA NSW Council is a great way to expand your networks, develop your professional skills and give back to the sector. 

If you’re interested in nominating yourself for the Council, you’ll need to join IPAA NSW as a professional member. Elections for the Council are held in the lead up to our AGM, between November and December each year. 

Members of the Council have the opportunity to have input into: 

  • Determining policy to advance the objectives of IPAA NSW and the best interests of the members;
  • Helping shape and oversee policy designed to achieve compliance with relevant legal and financial requirements;
  • Deciding on criteria, benefits and membership fees for membership categories;
  • Making recommendations to the National Council in relation to the award of Fellow and the conferring of life membership; and
  • Creating a report on the financial position and performance of IPAA NSW and its activities, to be presented at each Annual General Meeting. 

Council rules

As a non-profit, member-based organisation we are bound by the IPAA NSW Constitution under the Associations Incorporation Act, 2009. The Constitution outlines our aims and objectives as an organisation and sets out a series of guidelines on matters of business, membership and finances.

IPAA NSW Executive

The Executive Committee is responsible for providing oversight of the financial management of IPAA NSW and monitoring the organisational performance of IPAA NSW.


IPAA NSW also has several working committees that oversee our key activities and initiatives, and ensure we deliver exceptional value to our members’ career and professional development. Joining IPAA NSW as a professional member gives you the opportunity to join any of our working committees, and build your connections while helping shape the future of IPAA NSW. 

Audit and Risk Management Committee

Our Audit and Risk Management Committee is responsible for providing financial guidance and monitoring the risk position of IPAA NSW.

Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

Our Program Advisory Committee works with IPAA to codesign our learning development and event program. They provide insights and examples of potential topics, case studies and speakers from across the NSW public sector as well as the not-for-profit and private sectors..

Young Professional Committee (YPN)

Our Young Professional Committee works to connect, develop and empower young professionals in the public sector with the skills and networks they need to flourish in their careers. 

Ad-hoc Committees

Ad-hoc committees are formed mainly for large special events such as conferences. Keep an eye on this page for opportunities to join ad-hoc committees.