Awards for Individual Excellence

The IPAA NSW Awards for Individual Excellence are open to all public sector employees in NSW who work for local, state or federal government organisations. The awards celebrate public sector professionals who have achieved excellence and best practice in public administration.

The awards program offers seven categories of entry and a grand prize. One overall winner is selected from the category winners to receive the prestigious IPAA NSW Award for Individual Excellence.

For more information on the awards, visit the Awards for Individual Excellence page.

Award recipients

Overall winners - IPAA NSW Award for Individual Excellence

2014 Lindsay Charles, NSW Public Works
2013 Tim Sinclair, Sydney Local Health District
2012 Cheryl Edwards, State Transit Authority

Anthea Kerr Award

2014 Shannon Cook, Transport for NSW
2013 Madeleine Boulton, NSW Fair Trading and Tim Sinclair, Sydney Local Health District

Project Management

2014 Lindsay Charles, NSW Public Works

Building Talent Award

2014 Not awarded
2013 Not awarded
2012 Cheryl Edwards, State Transit Authority

Collaboration Award

2014 Lisa Charet, Community Services
2013 Dion Peita, Australian Museum
2012 Robin Phua, NSW Trade and Investment

Leadership Award

2014 Peter De Natris, Ageing, Disability and Homecare
2013 Not awarded
2012 Supt Mark Wright, NSW Police Blacktown Local Area Command

Public Value Award

2014 Bronwyn Scott, EnableNSW
2013 Not awarded
2012 Marianna Wong, Northern Sydney Local Health District - Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol

Young Leader Award

2014 Alia Karaman, Bankstown City Council
2013 Aranee Mahadeva, NSW Treasury
2012 Clare Huxley, Department of Planning and Infrastructure
Public Sector Management Program

The IPAA NSW prize is awarded to the highest achieving graduate in the nationally recognised Graduate Certificate, Public Sector Management Program.

Award recipients
2013 Dr Georgina Kelly
2012 James Goodwin                                                                      
2011 Jill Morris
2010 Sean Kendall
2009 Darryl O'Donnell
2008 Phillip Cameron
2007 Carolyn Murphy
2006 Pauline Foote
2005 Kathryn Gott
2004 No prize awarded
2003 Deborah Ward
2002 Jan Douglas
2001 Jean Bakie

University of Sydney
Faculty of Government and International Relations

The GC Remington prize is awarded in memory of the co-founder of IPAA NSW Division. The prize is awarded in the Department of Government and International Relations to the most distinguished student in the study of government, especially in its administrative aspects.

Award recipients
2012 Louise Davies
2011 Nicholas Findlater
2010 Frank Scisciolo
2009 Lauren Ashley Fahy
2008 Patrick Hurley
2007 Bronwyn Weir
2006 Kate Lesley Glazebrook
2005 Alexandra Jane Mason
2004 Pia Brunner
2003 Rachel Cadden Adams
2002 Kristen Porter & Tom Glasson
2001 Dominque Palla-Pozza                                                           

Graduate School of Government

The FA Bland prize is awarded in memory of the co-founder of IPAA NSW Division for the student with the highest aggregate marks in Strategic Administration.

Award recipients
2013 Jodi McKay
2012 Leah Anderson                                               
2011 Richard Beecham
2010 Rami Affan
2009 Paul Gayner

University of NSW

The IPAA NSW prize is awarded in the Master of Policy Studies for highest aggregate marks in policy analysis, information and research for policy and management and policy in organisations.

Award recipients
2012 Lucy Corrigan
2011 Rebecca Wilkinson
2010 Helen Kordahji
2009 Kathleen Cunningham
2008 Dorothy Harding
2007 Karin Ragel
2006 Sharon Bicknell
2005 Clyde Lettsome
2004 Ann Wiczek
2003 Katherine Isobel Mckernan                                    



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