IPAA NSW intends to select a limited number of organisations that are interested in building a new partnership for the future. These organisations will be identified as our Learning Partners and IPAA NSW seeks to form this relationship with organisations that share our values and vision for working in a collaborative manner to build our collective social capital, share and nurture new knowledge and stimulate innovation across our community. Learning Partners currently include Queensland University of Technology and Nous Group.

These organisations will have a positive reputation for excellence, capability and a stated belief and understanding that successful knowledge management contributes directly to an organisation’s success. These partnerships are focussed on recognising the unique contribution that each party provides and the value that is created by this partnership. In this regard the relationship basis and intent is depicted in the title “Learning Partners”.

As Learning Partners, the selected organisations will have the opportunity to provide input and actively participate in IPAA NSW’s program development and its delivery. In this regard IPAA NSW believes that our Learning Partners will be able to gain recognition for their professional expertise, collective knowledge, skill and capability and in turn build the reputation and recognition for their organisation. 

Through this partnership, IPAA NSW would provide:

  • The opportunity to participate in an advisory role in the development and review of events and professional development programs conducted by IPAA NSW. A selected representative from the learning partner will liaise with the IPAA NSW CEO and offer advice and support for themes, speakers and events
  • Verbal acknowledgment of the learning partner's sponsorship at either the State/National Conference in the IPAA NSW President’s welcoming address and conference closing address
  • A specific opportunity for an appropriate learning partner representative to host, present or participate in one State/National Conference session
  • The opportunity for the learning partner to welcome, host and/or present at appropriate Forum events; in particular where they have contributed to the development of the theme and/or speaker selection and are providing the venue and catering

If you are interested in becoming a Learning Partner, please contact IPAA NSW on 02 8223 8418 or email info@nsw.ipaa.org.au.


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