As the association for the public sector in NSW, our aim is to promote the relevance, integrity, reputation and intellectual rigour of the Australian public sector. Our training programs are designed to support this vision, and to upskill and enhance the professional development of our members, and the wider sector.

View our Training Calendar or download a PDF of our 2016-17 Services Guide for a list of our training in the 2016-17 financial year.

Designed for the sector
We are recognised for our outstanding service and for
delivering relevant, high-quality, cost-effective learning and development programs that are aligned with the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework.

The courses in our Public Training Program are designed to meet the significant training needs of the sector, and are delivered face-to-face, where participants can share ideas and experiences in a professional learning environment. The content of each course is based on research conducted with public sector organisations, and supports current government policy directions. 

Our facilitators are leading experts in their subject matter, and bring these courses to life through practical application, case studies and interactive content.

All of our public courses are available as Customised Agency Programs. In-house delivery offers flexibility in content, length and timetable.

Register for our Public Training Programs via this website or by downloading this form.

Purchase training vouchers
IPAA NSW offers training vouchers that can be used to purchase any training in advance. IPAA NSW Training Vouchers are a great way of using existing unallocated funds for training courses. 

For further information about our training or purchasing vouchers, contact our Professional Development Coordinator on 02 8223 8402 or email


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Upcoming training

Innovative and Analytical Problem-Solving
26 October 2017

Strengthen your skills and develop your problem-solving capacities through innovative and analytical thinking

Program Evaluation
26 October 2017

Learn practical approaches to evaluating your agency’s programs and services

Applied Project Management
1 November 2017

Expand your project management skills and take a leadership role in projects

Essentials for New Managers
7 November 2017

Increase your understanding of yourself and your team to improve your time, stress and performance management


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