Public Service Symposium - Transformation + Capability

Public Service Symposium - Transformation + Capability
Develop the essential skills needed for changing a public sector
Live online professional development opportunity
Thursday 8 July
9.30 AM – 11.30 AM 

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The rapidly changing workplace makes acquiring new skills more important than ever. To truly be the change, it is critical to nurture crucial human skills while also building your digital expertise. 

This half-day seminar has been specifically designed to help build both skillsets through short interactive sessions. The learning activities allow you to build your knowledge and give you tips for applying your learnings to your workplace.  

Will Duckworth, EY Asia Pacific Digital Leader, will set the scene by looking at some of the global trends that are reshaping the world of work. Following his presentation, you’ll deep dive into two skills that will be crucial for success in the future working world of the NSW public sector. You will be asked to select one skill from each stream during the registration process. 

Stream One
- Data and its impact on public sector workplaces
- Thriving in a remote working world
- Change management

Stream Two
- Negotiation excellence
- How automation is changing public sector workplaces
- What is Blockchain?

Choose one option to participate in each stream

- Data and its impact on public sector workplaces
- Thriving in a remote working world
- Change management

Data and its impact on public sector workplaces

This session will look at the ways in which the public sector can recognise data as a strategic asset and apply it in pursuit of public value

Topic Outline

The application of data in government has almost limitless potential for providing more efficient, effective, and trustworthy public services.  This session will focus on the application of data in the public sector workplace and how it can be managed to generate public value.

Allanna Firth
EY Director of Data and Analytics
The Wellbeing Outfit

Allanna is an energetic analytics professional with an extensive leadership, consulting and technical background gained from over 20 years broad industry experience. Allanna has in-depth experience managing and delivering the end-to-end lifecycle of Data and Analytics professional services, across both the public and private sector. Allanna has spent a large part of her career spearheading data transformation within financial services and now as EY's NSW Education Analytics lead is focusing her skills and experience to support Education sector clients with their digital transformation and data capabilities uplift initiatives.

Thriving in a remote working world
This session will address how we engage in hybrid ways of working, what have we learned, what are we missing and how do we thrive.

Topic Outline

In the past, employees who worked remotely had a bad reputation with many employers believing their workforce could be too easily distracted at home where managers could not monitor work flows and project progress. 

Work remotely was very rare a decade ago and usually only available as a special arrangement to accommodate families or health issues in specific cases. However, the changes created by COVID-19, along with greatly improved teleconferencing and networking technologies, have allowed many organisations to thrive with completely remote teams and it is generally accepted that businesses will continue to allow many of their employees to work some of their time from home.

How will this flexibility create new and expanded opportunities for businesses and employees to thrive? 


Juliet Andrews

Juliet is a Partner in EY's People Advisory Services practice. She has over 20 years’ experience in organisation and management consulting with a particular focus on the evolving nature of work, behavioural change and how organisations can plan and prepare for the range of influences on workforce, both culturally and structurally. Juliet is skilled in the development of research methodologies, the measurement of employee behaviour, the application of this research into human resource decisions and the design of change solutions.  Juliet is a registered psychologist and has a PhD from the University of NSW in Organisation and Management.

Change management
This session explores leading through change, lessons learned along the way and identifies change leadership attributes and the various levers of change that generate significant and sustainable change.
Topic Outline
How we respond to change, can make or break us and our careers. The discussion on change management offers unique insight into how leaders face change - the good, the bad, and everything in between. 

The session provides an opportunity to stop and reflect on examples of how leaders have created movements out of moments, how they picked themselves up from mighty falls, how they led to victory, and how they led through defeat. You will hear examples of how they shifted mindsets, modified behaviours, and in some instances, entirely changed the game.
Jenelle McMaster 

Jenelle is the Managing Partner of Markets for EY Oceania responsible for the firm’s growth and client service strategy across Australia, New Zealand, PNG & Fiji. Jenelle sits on the Executive Leadership team which drives all strategic and operational decision making across the region.

Prior to her current role Jenelle led the firm’s HR Transformation and Change Management practice across APAC. She has almost 20 years of experience working around the world with clients across industries to solve their people related challenges and to drive large scale and sustainable behavioural change.

Choose one option to participate in each stream

Negotiation excellence
How automation is changing public sector workplaces
- What is Blockchain?

Negotiation excellence
This session will deliver practical tips to help expand your negotiation skills and get the outcomes you want in a variety of scenarios.

Topic Outline
This session is intended for public servants in all roles who wish to expand their negotiation skills in a rapidly changing business environment. It will show you how to get the negotiation outcomes you want, apply proven negotiation techniques and learn from lived experience.

It will offer practical tips on:
purpose and authenticity
pre-negotiation preparation
thinking on your feet
dealing with power imbalance and information asymmetry

Fraser MacLennen-Pike

Fraser MacLennan-Pike is the Oceania Lead for EY wavespace, EY’s network of innovation, experience & design centres, and leads an acquisitions team in EY’s Global Consulting business. Formerly a lawyer in private practice and a General Counsel, Fraser has over 30 years’ experience leading negotiations, specialising in mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures and commercial agreements.

How automation is changing public sector workplaces

Digitisation, automation and AI are changing the way we access and provide public sector services and in this session we examine the key trends, challenges and opportunities this change creates.

Digitisation and Automation are not new trends – indeed they have been ever-present over the last 40-50 years. However, as some leading commentators point out, we are in the midst of the 4th industrial revolution where automation and AI are significantly impacting the way we interact with colleagues, how we work and how we deliver outcomes to citizens. 

Topic Outline
In this session Ean explores the megatrends that form part of this industrial revolution and explores a number of pertinent questions:

What impact is ongoing digitisation, automation and AI having on governments around the world?
What does this mean for citizens, government employees and the workplace?
What might we expect to see over the coming years?

Ean Evans

Ean Evans has over 20 years of industry and consulting experience. As a Finance Transformation and Global Business Services Advisor and Project Director Ean has delivered tangible outcomes to numerous clients across Asia, Europe and Oceania.



What is Blockchain?

This session will explain the key concepts behind Blockchain and how it can be used to bring greater transparency to transactions, make the delivery of services more effective and make the most of government’s digital transformation efforts.

The advantages of Blockchain solutions, including security, efficiency, and speed of delivery will also be discussed.

Topic Outline
Whilst cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have gained much media attention, the underlying technology, Blockchain, hasn’t attracted the same profile despite its potential and accelerated use globally.

This session will explore practical ways in which Blockchain can provide opportunities to build new, distributed platforms that can help reshape how government services are delivered to citizens.

Chris Webster

Chris Webster is a user experience designer and technology consultant at EY, passionate about making technology easier to use for people everywhere. He uses design techniques to help his teams and his clients solve their business problems every day, across a range of industries and locations. 
Chris is an Director in EY’s Technology Consulting team, specialising in digital and emerging technologies. He typically leads teams of designers and developers to plan, design and deliver awesome tech-enabled digital experiences for clients at EY and their users. He regularly trains internal teams, client teams and university students about human-centred design techniques and agile project implementation. 



Sanjay Sridher

As EY’s NSW Government Lead Partner, Sanjay leverages over 20 years’ experience working in and alongside the Public Service in Australia and the United Kingdom. His most recent public sector experience was at the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment where he led a portfolio of high profile policy development initiatives and state wide delivery programs to promote a circular economy and effective resource recovery. Complementing these experiences, he has also worked at senior levels in the private sector, focused on driving business growth through market expansion and / or strategic M&A and has a successful track record as an entrepreneur too. Sanjay was UTS’s FEIT Alumni Award for Excellence in in 2012.

Will Duckworth 

Will Duckworth leads the Digital business for EY Advisory in Asia Pacific. He is an executive leader with more than 20 years' experience in technology, innovation and digital industries in Europe, US, Asia & Australia prior to joining EY in 2016. Will’s career has been distinguished by a focus on driving emerging technology from the bleeding edge to the tipping point of mass adoption through design-led techniques from putting artificial intelligence on aircraft, launching internet banks and transforming online commerce with retailers, insurers & telcos, to reinventing every industry through mobile.

8/07/2021 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
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