Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The GC Remington Prize is in memory of the co-founder of IPAA NSW. It is awarded to the most distinguished student in the study of government, particularly administrative aspects, at The University of Sydney.

Award recipients
2016 Rachel Low
2015 Muhummad Akif Islam
2015 Stephanie Semler
2014 Francis Maxwell
2013 Charles Cull
2012 Louise Davies
2011 Nicholas Findlater
2010 Frank Scisciolo
2009 Lauren Ashley Fahy
2008 Patrick Hurley
2007 Bronwyn Weir
2006 Kate Lesley Glazebrook
2005 Alexandra Jane Mason
2004 Pia Brunner
2003 Rachel Cadden Adams
2002 Kristen Porter & Tom Glasson
2001 Dominque Palla-Pozza                                                           

Graduate School of Government

The FA Bland Prize is in memory of the co-founder of IPAA NSW. It is awarded to the student with the highest aggregate marks in Strategic Administration at the Graduate School of Government at The University of Sydney .

Award recipients
2016 Clay Preshaw
2015 Brett Whitworth
2014 Michael Knight & Stacy Warren
2013 Jodi McKay
2012 Leah Anderson                                               
2011 Richard Beecham
2010 Rami Affan
2009 Paul Gayner

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