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PSP50616 - Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (Online)

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PSP50616 - Diploma of Procurement and Contracting (Online)

For enrolment information, please contact the IPAA NSW Learning Team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected].

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Pre-Training Requirements

Entry is open to all applicants with a suitable level of workplace responsibility allowing sufficient opportunity to demonstrate competency through completion of tasks related to their job role.

Course Overview

This qualification is intended for people currently working in a position with responsibility for the management of complex procurement and contracting. This specialist qualification covers the competencies required for independent and self-directed work as a procurement and contract manager in the public sector. Participants may have existing skills and experience and may be looking to build upon their knowledge and seek formal skills recognition.

Learning Outcomes

  • understand and work within relevant procurement governance arrangements and frameworks including probity and legal framework
  • contribute to Forward Procurement Planning and undertake project and specific Procurement Planning (Procurement Plan)
  • Interpret procurement requirements, analyse procurement options and methods, and assess procurement risk
  • develop request documents and specifications
  • manage the procurement process and plan and conduct an evaluation process
  • undertake negotiations
  • plan to manage a contract, manage contract performance and finalise contracts
  • demonstrate problem-solving skills through a range of applications, including research and analysis in order to define relevant data and make recommendations, implementation of workplace diversity strategies to encourage inclusiveness and effectiveness, and management of risk and conflict
  • use a range of complex written and workplace communication techniques and strategies at the appropriate levels to demonstrate effective research and analysis, information synthesis and refinement, and negotiation
  • plan and organise through identification of needs, coordination of resources, evaluation of processes and benchmarking of performance

Study Workload

The estimated time to complete the course is 6-8 hours per week over an 18 month study period comprising on-the-job learning, workplace practice, self-directed study and assessment preparation.


Students must complete 13 units of competency:

  • PSPETH003 Promote the values and ethos of public service
  • PSPGEN049 Undertake negotiations
  • PSPLEG003 Promote compliance with legislation in the public sector
  • PSPPCM008 Manage contract performance
  • PSPPCM009 Finalise contracts
  • PSPPCM010 Manage procurement risk
  • PSPPCM011 Plan to manage a contract
  • PSPPCM012 Plan for procurement outcomes
  • PSPPCM013 Make procurement decisions
  • PSPGEN046 Undertake research and analysis
  • PSPPCM014 Participate in budget and procurement review process
  • PSPPCM016 Plan and implement strategic sourcing
  • BSBPUR504 Manage a supply chain

This course is delivered in a partnering arrangement with UNE Partnerships (RTO ID No 6754).


NSW Public Sector Framework Capabilities

This course is targeted at Adept to Advanced level. The following behaviours from the framework are covered:

Business Enablers: Procurement and contract management

  • Apply legal, policy and organisational guidelines and procedures in relation to procurement and contract management.
  • Develop well written, well-structured procurement documentation that clearly sets out the business requirements.
  • Monitor procurement and contract management processes to ensure they are open, transparent and competitive, and that contract performance is effective.
  • Be aware of procurement and contract management risks, and what actions are expected to mitigate these.
  • Evaluate tenders and select providers in an objective and rigorous way, in line with established guidelines and principles.
  • Escalate procurement and contract management issues where required.
  • Ensure that government and organisational policy in relation to procurement and contract management is implemented.
  • Implement effective governance arrangements to monitor provider, supplier and contractor performance against contracted deliverables and outcomes.
  • Represent the organisation in the resolution of complex/sensitive disputes with providers, suppliers and contractors.

Enquiries: For enrolment information, please contact the IPAA NSW Learning Team on 02 8066 1900 or email [email protected].


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Professional & Affiliate Members $6,890 Non Members $6,890

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