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Skills for Success: Employee engagement & retention

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Skills for Success: Employee engagement & retention

Cracking the code of employee engagement and retention 

Explore how you can leverage recognition and reward for stronger engagement and retention in your team

Is this event right for you?

The Skills for Success series of learning workshops are designed to help you develop the foundational skills you need to succeed in your public sector career.  

Each one-hour workshop will feature a foundational-level overview of the skill and actionable strategies you can implement today to further develop your capabilities. 

If you are a mid-career manager or director and aspire leadership, don’t miss this session which has been specifically designed to address the challenges and opportunities of managing others. 

What will you gain?

This series will give you the tools to thrive in our changing government environment.  Designed in collaboration with your public sector leaders, our six-part series covers topics that help you do your job more successfully and knowledge to support you to manage better in your responsibilities. 

This session explores the perpetual challenge for mid-career managers and directors: engagement and retention in your team. At a time where up to 55% of workers may change jobs by the end of the year, now is your opportunity to lead and develop a team culture where your people choose to stay. Learn how you can employ recognition and reward systems to make your team a great place to work. 

Employee engagement is the holy grail when it comes to leadership and many organisations have found it hard to crack the ‘engagement code’. Low levels of engagement can lead to low productivity and high levels of staff turnover, which will have a big impact on your results.

To effectively build a culture of engagement, there needs to be systems in place that actively work to Recognize & Reward the efforts and achievements of employees. Are your current systems and practices bringing out the best in people or making them feel invisible and irrelevant?

If the words … “I quit”, or “I’ve found another opportunity” … coming from anyone in your team strikes fear in your heart, you’re not alone. Don’t leave this to chance. It’s time to do something about it!

In this Masterclass we’ll cover

  • The power of Recognition and how it builds motivation and engagement 
  • How to provide purpose-based recognition
  • A range of creative ways to Recognise & Retain your people

If you currently lead a team or aspire to be in a leadership role in the future, don’t miss this session. 

Facilitator: Sandra Wood, Great Managers Program

Sandra started working as a consultant in 2001 and has been a provider for IPAA since 2007. A testament to Sandra’s skills and expertise is the fact that she has trained thousands of business and government leaders.

Sandra Wood - Full bio

Sandra Wood is a people management and leadership expert with over 20 years experience, who is well known as an expert facilitator, speaker, trainer and coach.

Sandra started working as a consultant in 2001 and has been a provider for IPAA since 2007. Her combination of commercial and people skills, backed by her qualifications in education, business management and executive coaching, create formidable expertise when it comes to understanding and teaching how to lead to get the best from the people within an organization.

She is known for her abilities in developing people and delivering results. A testament to Sandra’s skills and expertise is the fact that she has trained thousands of business and government leaders, with much of her work coming from repeat business with long-term satisfied clients.

Prior to becoming a consultant Sandra had extensive human resources and organisational development experience and held senior management positions in both the private and public sectors.  Sandra has a Bachelor of Adult Education with a major in Human Resource Development and a Graduate Certificate in Management. She is a lifelong learner and has completed numerous accreditations in coaching, emotional intelligence, 360 degree feedback and other assessment tools and is an accredited Workplace Trainer and Assessor.

How to register

Please use this registration page to register for the session: Cracking the code of employee engagement and retention only. 

If you are interested in the entire Skills for Success Series 2, please register using the package page here.

If you are a NSW public sector employee, you are eligible for Affiliate membership free of charge. Join IPAA today.

A link to the event will be sent to those who have registered the day before the event.

Event Details


 10:00AM – 11:00AM (AEST/AEDT)


 Tuesday 8 November 2022


 Virtual event via Microsoft Teams


 Affiliate / Pro Members - Free
 Non-members: $99

Be at your best, for NSW.
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Tuesday, 08 November 2022
10:00AM - 11:00AM
Professional & Affiliate $0, Non Member $99

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