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Managing Your Team's Resilience and Burnout

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Managing Your Team's Resilience and Burnout

Building awareness and practical strategies to avoid burnout and enhance true resilience


Are you a people manager and noticing that your staff seem to be exhausted, struggling or less happy than you would like or you just want to make sure you are doing enough to support them?

Are you not sure how to most effectively support yourself or your team to prevent burnout when there is always so much work to do?

Has burnout been discussed more recently in your organisation?

Are you looking to draw upon research-based tools and strategies to understand the risk of burnout and the protective strategies that will make the difference?

Do you want to build on your strengths and that of your team’s to enhance true resilience?


You will leave this course understanding what true resilience and burnout is.

You will learn strategies to better manage your own challenges and to more effectively support your team so that they manage their own stresses and feel more positive and motivated and recognise when they need help.

You will learn the most effective leadership and communication strategies to support your team.

You will learn how to manage difficult times and emotions, with focus, insight, acceptance, and action.

You will finish the course knowing you can:

  • Understand what true resilience is and use strategies to avoid burnout for yourself and your team..
  • Continue to develop your self-awareness and identify warning signs of stress and concern for you and your team.
  • Use practical tools to set expectations and clarify roles to minimise confusion and stress and avoid burnout.
  • Utilise your advanced communication skills including in relation to connection, raising concerns and checking in to build greater trust, positivity and team resilience.
  • Practice research-based key resilience and leadership techniques that will support you to manage your team most effectively in times of challenge and pressure.
  • Draw upon key practices to help you and your team to down-regulate the nervous system and maintain equilibrium.


NSW Public Sector Commission Capability Framework

Building true resilience is for people at the Adept to Advanced levels and you will develop the following capabilities:

  • Personal attributes: Demonstrate resilience and courage.
  • Personal attributes: Manage self

Please note: All NSW Public Servants are automatically Affiliate members of IPAA NSW and entitled to Affiliate rates. To activate this, sign up here.

Be at your best, for NSW.
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Friday, 09 August 2024
9:00AM - 1:00PM
Professional Members - $525.00 Affiliate Members - $650.00 Non-members: $745.00

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