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Advanced Policy Development

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Advanced Policy Development

Are you a policy professional keen to advance your career?


Are you a policy specialist seeking the skills and knowledge to formulate, advise and implement strategic policy outcomes?

Could your career benefit from a better understanding of all aspects of the policymaking process including how policies are defined, developed, implemented, and evaluated?

This two-day course will give you a deep knowledge to further develop your public sector career.

This includes learning more about the impact of the political system on policymaking, and the importance of internal and external consultation in achieving policy objectives.

An understanding of policy development was identified by the NSW public sector leaders as one of the Skills for Success that all public servants now need. This course builds the knowledge built in our Policy Basics one day course.


Whether you are an experienced policy formulator or putting together advanced policy analysis, this course will build on your existing knowledge and experience to give you a fulsome understanding of the intricacies of policy development.

In this comprehensive two day course, you will explore case studies from real public sector examples, and policy concerns specific to working in the NSW Government environment.

You will finish the course knowing you can:

  • collect, collate, and manage policy evidence and research.
  • use networking to lead consultation with other agencies, government, and industry to determine policy direction.
  • analyse policy problems using sophisticated information and data analysis techniques
  • systematically analyse and catalogue tasks into manageable responsibilities.
  • formulate results-focused policy with implementation in mind from the outset.
  • develop and deliver high impact, persuasive policy messages appropriate to political and policy context.
  • construct and implement monitoring, review, and performance measures into policy work.


NSW Public Sector Commission Capability Framework

Advanced Policy Development is for people at the Adept to Advanced levels and you will develop the following capabilities:

  • PSC Manage Reform and Change
  • Results: Deliver results
The course is also mapped to IPAA Policy topic area.


Course Details

This course is scheduled for delivery in 2024, please visit our scheduled courses page to register now and secure your spot.

If you have a group of 5 or more, please reach out to [email protected], for an in-house course and our Learning team will be in touch.

Be at your best, for NSW.
Register now to secure your spot.

Two-day course  Professional Member:  $1480.00 Affiliate Member:  $1590.00 Non-member:  $1700.00
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This event is presented with support from our partners.
Two Day Course Professional Member: $1480.00 Affiliate Member: $1590.00 Non-member: $1700.00
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