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Skills for Success: Managing Burnout

Learn how to manage burnout for yourself and the teams you manage.

Learn how to manage burnout for yourself and the teams you manage.


Is this event for you?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and burnt out from the demands of work and life?

Are you aware that team members are exhausted or less motivated than usual? 

Are you concerned about the impact of stress or change on your team?

Do you want to learn how to work with others more effectively to prevent burnout in your workplace?

In today’s fast paced work environment, burnout looms as a major issue, affecting not just personal wellness but also productivity and workplace culture.

Our 1hr webinar will equip you with some of the key tools and knowledge needed to recognise, address, and prevent burnout in yourself and your team.

Our Skills for Success series supports you to develop the foundational skills you need to succeed in your public sector career.

This series gives you the tools to thrive in your government working environment. Designed in collaboration with your public sector leaders, our series covers topics that help you do your job more successfully and knowledge to support you to manage better in your responsibilities.

IPAA’s Skills for Success webinar series is delivered for free as part of our Cluster partnership arrangements.

What will you gain?

At this event, you will learn some of the key signs to address to prevent burnout and effective leadership actions focused on connection and communication that make all the difference to supporting your staff. 

By the end of the session, you will have practical strategies to implement in your daily life and workplace to prevent and manage burnout effectively.

Don't miss out on this opportunity that will make a significant difference to the wellbeing, productivity and motivation for you and your team. 

At this interactive session, you’ll be able to ask questions, so come ready with a curious mind and eagerness to learn.

Facilitated by:
Tulsi van der Graaff
Brave People Solutions

Tulsi is a former lawyer with a psychology, mediation, investigation and counselling background.  She is a qualified and practising therapist, works in mental health teaching staff and leaders in corporates how to have real mental health conversations, and supports organisations to build positive workplace cultures and mend broken teams. 

Previously she worked as an investigator and mediator of discrimination complaints at the Australian Human Rights Commission and then as a child protection investigator for the Department of Education and Communities.  From these experiences, saw clearly that it was important to intervene earlier to prevent and solve problems rather than just investigate them after there were allegations and complaints and workplaces had broken down.  This is the reason why she is so passionate about the work she does with staff, leaders, teams and organisations.

Tulsi is well known among our clients, as the ’empathy’ person who has a unique ability to develop communication and conflict resolution skills to bring out the best in leaders, staff and teams and build positive workplace cultures. Her expertise covers management consulting, facilitation, coaching and mentoring with a particular focus on conflict resolution, mental health and wellbeing, communication skills, building relationships, rebuilding and strengthening teams, dealing with difficult behaviours, having brave conversations and building emotional agility and resilience.

Tulsi has written many articles on these topics including for Wellbeing Magazine, 1700 a digital employee and employer wellbeing platform and for the Australian Journal of Pharmacy.

She has also volunteered extensively in the community sector including currently for Dress for Success, a charity that supports women in need find employment.  There she runs workshops on finding your vision, trusting in your ability, resilience of self and confidence in goal setting and time management.

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Event Details 


 10:00AM – 11:00AM (AEST/AEDT)


 Wednesday 29 May 2024


 Virtual event via Microsoft Teams


 Affiliate / Pro Members: Free
 Non-members: $99

Be at your best, for NSW. 
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29/05/2024 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
AUS Eastern Standard Time
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